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Welcome to Rockabilly Clothing, Here we are more than just poodle skirts, pin up bikinis, and pompadours. We’re not just rockabilly, we’re a rockabilly lifestyle!

The history of rockabilly music is where it all began. Rockabilly surfaced in the 1950's as a branch of rock 'n roll music and has exploded into a genre of its own style, music, and culture ever since. What started out as a bluegrass, boogie-woogie genre has now invited alternative crowds into the family, welcoming their tattoos, wild hair, and punk rock roots. At Rockabilly Clothing we want to be more than just your go-to fashion outlet, we want to offer you the ultimate rockabilly experience.

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How was rockabilly born?

In 1956 Billboard magazine reviewed Gene Vincent's song 'Be-Bop'A'Lula' and described it as rockabilly. At the time this was considered somewhat scandalous, much like calling a hard-rock band 'hillbillies' at the time. However, as Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash hit the tops of the charts, rockabilly popularity exploded. Suddenly prim and proper 1950's girls turned into racy women throwing their panties on stage to men who were singing about getting rebellious and falling in love. The mix of rock music, fashion, and anarchy was intoxicating to onlookers. At the time, rockabilly music was all about rebellion. This led the way for rockabilly subcultures to continue to grow. Today pin up and burlesque offshoots, psychobilly, and classic vintage lovers all have rockabilly to thank for the cultures they so adore. Famous rockabilly artists from days gone by include Jerry Lee Lewis, Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, Johnny Powers, Sam Phillips and more.

Old style rockabilly
James Dean

The real 1950's girls embraced full skirts, lots of crinoline, pin curls, and low ponytails.

These were the good girls. The innocents who went steady and never gave a kiss before the dance. Then there were the pin up girls. Those who embraced their curvy bodies and weren't afraid to use them. And rockabilly girls? They were somewhere in the middle. On their part, the rockabilly men were no strangers to rebellion. Two-tone jackets, pink shirts, and loud prints were all staples of rockabilly men's clothing. Greasers wore their hair slicked back and definitely weren't afraid of sporting a little leather. While these may seem tame, even a little silly, by today's standards - in the 1950's it was pure scandal. Maybe that's why it was so easy for these bad boys to attract their women. While James Dean may have led the rockabilly men's fashion and attitude movement, many men are still rocking the slicked back pompadour and horn-rimmed glasses. While they say you can't judge a book by its cover, those rockabilly hipsters of their time certainly hoped the opposite was true. Today, many identify with their rockabilly styles as an absolute lifestyle. This attitude said you were strong, stood up for what you believed in, and weren't afraid of letting loose. In fact, you are an absolute pro at it. But let’s back up. Rockabilly music and fashion have married to form one of the greatest families in history, but how did music turn into clothing? The answer lies in the decade in which rockabilly exploded in popularity. The 1950's and 60's were rich with new fashions; high-waisted skirts and slacks, pin curls, red lips, and pin up girls galore. Pin up girls were models that were so scandalously sexy that at the time men used to 'pin up' their pictures in their workshops. This sexy vibe blended well with the rebel vibes of rockabilly lovers and soon the two made fashionable babies.

Pin up fashion is flirty, fierce, and empowering to women.

Pin up girls were all bouncy hair, hourglass figures, and sultry glances. The naughty side of pin up fashion took women from poodle skirts to hip-hugging pencil skirts. This fashion loves to show off the female form, hugging every curve and flattering all body types. That's why rockabilly clothing and pin up girl style is still so popular today. Dita Von Teese is a fantastic example of a woman who lives and breathes rockabilly. This female powerhouse is always outfitted in the best rockabilly glam fashions. Taking a cue from pin up girl empowerment, Dita isn't afraid to blend her strong female voice with a feminine exterior. Other celebrities who have permanently adopted the rockabilly style include Kat Von D, Adel, Gwen Stefani, Amy Winehouse, Katy Perry, Zooey Deschanel, Evan Rachel Wood, and even Taylor Swift. Movies, comic books, art, and erotica have all taken a shine to rockabilly and pin up styles in one way or another. And what's not to love about it? Brides have certainly taken a shine to the culture. Say goodbye to boring weddings! Rockabilly style is so popular today that people have entire rockabilly weddings and pin up girl themed bridesmaids. Dressing like a pin up girl has to do with hair, makeup, and definitely the clothes. Today rockabilly clothing is embraced worldwide and is an absolute phenomenon that is still growing strong. Whether you're into hip-hugging pin up girl clothing, leather jackets, and slicked hair, or you adore classic polka dots and poodle skirts, there is a spot in the rockabilly world for you. Shaved heads, Mohawks, green hair, platinum blondes, Bettie Paige lookalikes, and James Dean wannabees are all welcome in this fashion subculture. Especially popular these days are rockabilly dresses, pin up swimwear, and tattoo inspired designs. Rockabilly fashion and pin up girl favorites are still highly sought after pieces. Rockabilly clothing can be incorporated into any fashion preference, any season, and any attitude. If you're all for amazing style, then you'll be all for rockabilly clothing. That’s why we’re bringing you the best of the best when it comes to rockabilly clothing. We want you to live and breathe your love for rockabilly in high-quality pieces that scream vintage. Whether you’re looking to be the pin up vixen, vintage girl next door, the greaser boy or the rockabilly rebel – we’ve got what you’re looking for!

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